A recent study by Kato Ladies Clinic, with outstanding blastocyst survival rates of 99.5%, was conducted using a wide range of Kitazato products

Dr. Coticchio and Dr. Kato have recently published in Human Reproduction results from a study conducted in Kato Ladies Clinic, the largest IVF clinic in the world. They have analysed if perturbations of embryo morphogenesis at compaction affect blastocyst development and clinical outcomes in assisted reproduction cycles. The study has involved the assessment of laboratory […]

Create Fertility UK study shows that thaw, biopsy and refreeze with the Cryotop® Method is effective

  Patients wishing to have PGT-A on previously cryopreserved embryos are currently limited from accessing this technique due to the requirement for refreezing of the embryos. Embryo cryopreservation techniques have, however, significantly improved in the recent years due the introduction of the vitrification method.   Researchers from Create Fertility in UK have compared results obtained […]

Kitazato Best Practice Recognition

    This program recognizes those Kitazato Cryotop® Method users with outstanding cryopreservation programs and remarkable clinical results.   The Best Practice Recognition is awarded annual, starting in 2021, through which Kitazato rewards its high-performing users, acknowledging their dedication and contribution to the field of assisted reproduction.   Our main objective is to provide a […]

Number of embryos or oocytes per Cryotop® does not influence cooling rates during vitrification

During Fertility 2021, an interesting poster was presented by researchers from Cardiff University and London Women’s Clinic. The number of oocytes or embryos to be loaded onto the Cryotop® and the spatial arrangement on the strip is often a matter or concern and debate among embryologists as these two issues may influence the cooling rate […]

Basak Balaban Oocyte Cryopreservation Talk at TSFP Online Symposium

  Lab Director Basak Balaban from the American Hospital of Istanbul participated in the International Online Symposium on Fertility Preservation organized by the Turkish Society for Fertility Preservation. She highlighted in her talk “Oocyte Cryopreservation – Tips & Tricks to maximize the outcome” that higher rate of complete oocyte re-hydration and less severe ultrastructural alterations […]

Efficiency and efficacy of vitrification in 35.654 sibling oocytes from donation cycles

  Scientists from Eugin Spain have published the largest cohort study comparing reproductive outcomes of vitrified and fresh sibling donor oocytes to date. They have found that, when looking at the same number of oocytes available after warming as the number of fresh oocytes, reproductive results including live birth are comparable.   This is a […]

Dr. Fernando Bronet Talk at the RAHR Conference 2020

    The Russian Association of Human Reproduction’s 30th International Conference took place online this year, from the 8th to the 12th of September. One of the most remarkable talks was given by Dr. Fernando Bronet, Head of the IVF and PGD Laboratories at IVI Madrid (Spain): “Successful cryopreservation program: realization and implementation”   According […]

Kitazato at ESHRE 36th Annual Meeting

  ESHRE is practicing social distancing this year, taking the 36th Annual Meeting online. Once again Kitazato is proud to be a part of one of the biggest events of the the year for human reproduction and embryology.   The event will take place from July 5th to July 8, 2020. Originally planned to be […]

Oocyte vitrification does not increase aneuploidy rate in the resulted embryos

During UEARS 2020 in Cairo, an interesting Poster was presented “Effect of oocyte vitrification on embryos euploidy in patients who have embryos resulted from fresh and from frozen oocytes in two separate cycles.” Since oocyte vitrification has become a technique routinely perfomed in most of the IVF Clinics for fertility preservation and also for banking […]

Blastocysts re-expansion association with implantation and clinical outcome

CARE Fertility Group presented the following Poster “Can blastocyst percentage of re-expansion after warming be used to predict implantation potential and live birth outcome?” at the Fertility Conference in Edinburgh from January 9th to 11th 2020. Thanks to the successful embryo development in in vitro culture, the number of blastocysts vitrified worldwide has increased greatly. […]

Oocyte vitrification for fertility preservation in women with endometriosis: an observational study

  The lower number of oocytes collected in surgically treated endometriosis patients impairs their reproductive prognosis, despite their young age.   The most relevant finding of a recent study by Cobo et al. is that for young patients with endometriosis (≤35 years of age) who wish to preserve fertility, it would not be advisable to […]

Embryo quality affects babies’ birthweight in FET cycles

  Recent findings provide new insight into the relationship between embryo quality and neonatal outcomes by showing that poor-quality blastocyst transfer in associated with a decrease in singleton birthweight.   A study published by Zhang et al. in Human Reproduction Journal, involved singleton live births born to 1.207 women undergoing frozen-thawed single blastocyst transfers and […]


We had the pleasure to interview Mr Davor Štimac, Clinical Embryologist at the Maternity & Gynecology Outpatient Clinic Podobnik, in Zagreb, Croatia. Davor told us what motivated him to dedicate himself professionally to IVF and shared with us his views on the present and future of the Human Assisted Reproduction.


  We wanted to thank all the IVF Heroes that stopped by our booth at ESHRE 2017. Thanks to the embryologists and thanks to the doctors; your work is an inspiration to us.   For those heroes interested in having their picture, we gathered some of them in the following link. We’ll be uploading more after […]

Launch of New Routine ET Catheters

Kitazato adds new Embryo Transfer Catheters with laser markings The Routine Embryo Transfer Catheters are designed with soft rounded tip to minimize trauma and easy hub for greater accuracy and control. Each catheter contains a formable guide to keep memory when giving shape and laser markings to measure the penetration to the uterus with confidence. […]

Kitazato at ASRM 2015

Our staff was in Baltimore for the 2015 Annual Meeting It was great to meet so many people interested in our products during the ASRM 2015 Annual Meeting. Thanks for sharing with us your experiences, requests and concerns. Your feedback is the best way to keep improving our products. Looking forward to see you all […]

Kitazato at EMBRYOLOGY ISAR 2015

Lecture and Workshop in India The EMBRYOLOGY ISAR 2015 has ended. We are proud to have received so many attendees to our Vitrification Hands-On Workshop. We want to thank the PhD embryologist Marcos Meseguer for his valuable presence and thank you all for your interest and your positive constributions that made this workshop an unforgettable […]

Kitazato at the SBRA Congress

Our team was in Brazil for the 19th edition of the Congress There is always a warm welcome to Kitazato everytime we go to Brazil and we feel grateful for it. It has been a great experience attending the 19th Brasilian Congress of Assisted Reproduction as one of the exhibitior companies. We would like to […]

Kitazato Workshop at EFA

Our team attended the Embryological Forum Austria The last Kitazato Cryotop Hands-On Workshop held in Salzburg this weekend was a great attendance success. The world-renowned PhD Embryologist Marcos Meseguer taught our method to more than 25 embryologists in the framework of the Embryological Forum Austria (EFA) organised by Dr. Thomas Ebner. Thank you all for […]

Kitazato at the UARM Congress

Chemlab and Kitazato together in Ukraine It was really nice to be back in Ukraine. Our most sincere thank you to the amazing team of Chemlaborreactiv for hosting our visit to Odessa. And thank you all ukrainian IVF professionals for your warm welcome to our products. Already looking forward to be back!

Kitazato at the RED LARA Congress

Our team attended the 12th Taller General We just came back from Lima and words are not enough to thank everyone who stopped by our stand to share with us their opinions, doubts and experiences. We are already working hard to give an answer to your requests. Looking forward to visit Latin America again. See […]

CRYOTOP®-SC New Design

Kitazato redesigns its device for Closed Vitrification System Kitazato is pleased to present the new design of its Cryotop®-SC, now even more convenient and accesible thanks to the following features: – Cone-shaped strip junction to ease the insertion into thestraw cap – Wider straw cap entrance, tofacilitate the insertion ofthe CRYOTOP SC – Security-orientation mark […]

Cryotop-SC results (closed system)

A randomized, prospective, clinical trial has been done to test the efficiency of Cryotop-SC The study was done on 370 recipients coming from 185 donnors vitrifying their oocytes with Cryotop-SC and another 185 donnors with conventional Cryotop. Oocytes vitrified with Cryotop-SC showed a survival rate of 87.3% (Cryotop was 91.7%) Fertilization, Pregnancy and Implantion rates […]